The Modern Jewish Woman

What is a Jewish woman? In the 21st Century, is the place of a woman just in the home? Is Judaism’s view of women simply archaic? 

Join Shalvie Friedman as we take a look at the stereotypes of women through the ages and try to tackle some of the biggest questions in this area. Is Judaism chauvinistic? Are women marginalised in the religion? Is there a one-size fits all? Is a woman confined to the kitchen? Can we create women that are leaders? 

Let’s delve into one of the greatest secrets behind Judaism and see if we can discover the power of the feminine. 

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Rebbetzin Shalvie Friedman is one of the educators at Aish UK. Shalvie grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and received her BSc in Maths and Finance from the University of South Africa. She studied Jewish thought and textual analysis at the Nishmat Seminary in Jerusalem. Shalvie has taught in high schools in Johannesburg, as well as at many seminaries in Israel, both for newly observant students as well as those with religious backgrounds.

She also ran a youth group for English-speaking teens in Ramat Beit Shemesh. She currently teaches Jewish Studies at Hasmonean Girls High School as well as teaching for various parts of the Aish family and raising her own family

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