Genesis National Weekend

February 17th 2017

In February, Genesis, a programme of Aish UK, held a National Weekend Away in Birmingham for over 200 students & staff from 13 Universities across the UK. Over the weekend they were joined by martial arts guru, Dov Ber Cohen, who spent 6 years seeking spirituality & travelling Asia before moving to Israel where he now works as an educator. Rabbi Daniel Rowe, Executive Director of Aish UK joined the weekend, teaching popular, thought provoking classes on Jewish philosophy and answering student's questions. A choice of 30 engaging classes from Tai Chi & self-esteem, the Jewish view on Astrology, Torah meets Science, feminism, love, romance and dating, spirituality and much more. Wedding singer Eli Tamir performed an electric and uplifting Havdalah concert followed on by America’s Got Talent Finalist, Stevie Starr ‘The Regurgitator’ which ended the weekend on a high.

Next week the Genesis Programme continues with over 80 students and staff taking part in a 5 day educational experience in Poland. Adam Ross: Educational Director, “The atmosphere on the weekend was electric with singing and dancing at the meals, students staying up to the early hours discussing, asking questions and engaging in a way which was very inspiring to see. I want to thank the whole Genesis team, especially Josh Salter, National Director and Naji Tilley for their dedication and hard work."

At the weekend, an exciting summer volunteering opportunity was launched in partnership with the Beit Elazraki Children's Home in Netanya offering Genesis students the chance to staff its summer camp for 200 youth at risk. The Home's director Yehuda Kohn had just completed a UK campus tour with Genesis captivating audiences with his experiences of running the home for the past 30 years.


Ben Bresloff, 3rd year from Leeds, studying in Newcastle: "The Genesis National Weekend was an incredible opportunity. Coming from a smaller Jewish student population, it was great to connect with so many other Jewish students from across the country."

Nathan Graff, 2nd year from Essex, studying at Leeds University: “As well as seeing friends from other universities I also got to make some new ones! In addition to this, there were unbelievable speakers which were life changing and gave me a chance to experience things I’ll never forget.”

Jeli Gottleib, 1st year from London, studying at Bristol University: “Attending the Genesis National Weekend was one of the most rewarding experiences I've been able to have as a young Jewish woman. I was able to engage with other Jewish students with a spectrum of views and opinions and was also lucky enough to hear inspiring talks given by some of the principal leaders within my community. This weekend gave me the opportunity to delve into my faith in both a spiritual and intellectual way, an opportunity I am not always given within academic life at university and I am thankful to have met so many great people I perhaps would not have encountered otherwise. I am also looking forward to the upcoming trip to Poland next week with the Genesis programme.”

Nadya Cohen, 1st year from Manchester studying in Birmingham: “It has been absolutely incredible meeting and speaking to so many new people at the Genesis National Weekend. I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who made this weekend happen and so fun. The atmosphere this weekend was absolutely incredible. The best thing about the Genesis Rabbis is that no matter who you are, no matter how religious you are and no matter if you know so many, a few or no people at all they encourage you into an atmosphere of fun, unity and much more.”