Shabbat Shalom Hadas Malka By Rabbi Zvi Gefen

July 14th 2017

Staff-Sergeant Major Hadas Malka was only 23 years old when she was brutally murdered last Friday by a Palestinian terrorist whilst standing on duty outside the Old City of Jerusalem.

Her last picture was a pre-Shabbat selfie wishing her friends and family Shabbat shalom.

I visited the shiva house of Hadas Malka. I wanted to let her family know that they aren’t alone and that there are Jews all over the world that stand together with their family and that Hadas’ death means something to us.

When I arrived at the shiva house there were over 250 people sitting and trying to provide comfort for the family and each other.

I sat down with the family lost for words and wondering what words of comfort I could possible say.

They first told me a little about Hadas, and how when she wanted something done nothing would stop her. She had lived a life of joy, passion and love.

I told them that I had nothing to say other than I had come to cry with them: their loss is our loss and their pain is our pain. The family were in tears hearing that there are Jews in Manchester that are thinking of the family and feeling her pain.

“Yiskadal Veyiskadash shemeh rabba” the father said the Kaddish (mourner’s prayer) after the evening services with such pain in his voice.

This wasn’t just another number in the thousands that have been wounded or murdered protecting Israel. She was an entire world, with a family, a mother, a father, sisters, brothers, cousins, and grandparents that are broken and shattered. A proud, strong and beautiful light has been blown out of this world.

Today the family get up from shiva and we wish them comfort. May they know no more suffering and may we only share in simchos.


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