The Abraham Accords Fellowship to Dubai

The culmination of the Encounter journey through Abrahamic values that have transformed the world will lead you on a journey of a lifetime to Encounter history in action. In 2020 something happened that nobody could have foreseen, except the faint voice of a distant prophecy that saw a future where peace would shift from the realm of fantasy into the real world. With the Abraham Accords, the Jewish State of Israel made peace with its Arab neighbours after centuries of war.

The Abraham Accords Fellowship will allow a select group of Jewish students from around the UK to embark on an adventure into the place where this vision for the future all begins. You will see the famous landmarks, hear from the locals and experience the culture of the UAE, whilst delving further into the Jewish ideas that have lead to this reality.

"Connect with our heritage. Understand our history. Be part of our future!"


Membership Discount Available

Bronze Members: £699

Silver Members: £599

Gold Members: £499

Platinum Members: £499 & Airport Lounge Access*

*subject to availability


Provided by Aish UK in conjunction with JRoots


Mon 12 - Sun 18 April 2021
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