Issue 14

The underlying narrative of Pesach is, “and you should tell the story of Passover to your children.” In fact, the main mitzvah/commandment of the Pesach seder is to tell the story of how we left Egypt. It is incumbent on every parent and person to ensure that he speaks it out loud, bearing witness to the miracles that God did for us by liberating us from Pharaoh’s torturous pit of slavery.

These last few weeks have been heart-breaking and feel eerily surreal as we sit glued to our screens, reading and watching the tragic footage that has destroyed Ukraine. The all too familiar rumbles of World War II have reverberated through Europe as millions flee for their lives with only their vital documents and a rucksack on their backs. I know I echo the sentiments of our entire community when I say that it is now more than ever, that we pray for the Pesach blessing of liberation from slavery for those in Ukraine. I can’t help but think of the tens of thousands of Ukrainian Jews who have experienced their very own Exodus from Ukraine to other parts of Europe and many to the promised land. It is incredible to think of how many have been absorbed into Israel, the land promised to us by God Himself. Although fraught with pain, there is no doubt we are witnessing the fulfilment of God’s promise to Abraham where he pledged the land to him in the covenant. On seder night, may the words, “next year in Jerusalem” be uttered with great fervour.

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