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Rabbi Shauly Strom

Rabbi Shauly Strom

Director of Northern Campuses

Shauly has worked with many Gap-Year Programs in Israel and earned rabbinic ordination from The Jerusalem Kollel. He's a sought-after public speaker, captivating audiences at various events and educational institutions across Jewish communities in the UK.

Outside of his scholarly pursuits, Shauly has a growing passion for cooking and a love for comedy. He enjoys taking on new challenges and is excited about adding diversity to Manchester's cultural scene.

Shauly's academic journey spans a decade, with studies in Gateshead and several prestigious Israeli talmuidic institutions. In recent years, he established the Northern Campus Department to support young Jewish students from universities and smaller campuses nationwide. He has also earned a Master's Degree in Jewish Education from Middlesex University.

Shauly, together with his wife, Adina, and their five lovely children, has chosen to call Prestwich, Manchester, their home. They play an active role in the local Jewish community, contributing to its vibrancy and unity.

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