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Rabbi Chaim Lehrer

Rabbi Chaim Lehrer

Birmingham Campus Educator

Born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium, Chaim has dedicated the past decade to immersing himself in the rich tapestry of Jewish thought and philosophy. His pursuit of knowledge has taken him across continents, from Manchester to the spiritual homeland of Israel.

In 2019, Chaim married his wife Michal and spent the next two years studying in Kollel Eitz Pri, where Chaim further deepened his understanding of Jewish wisdom. Alongside this, he eagerly embraced summer internship programs under the guidance of his esteemed mentors.

Now, Chaim, Michal, and their two children, Kalman and Libby, have embarked on a fresh adventure, establishing their roots in Birmingham. Their new home serves as a warm and welcoming haven for the multitude of students who seek to explore and enrich their knowledge of Judaism.

With a profound love for connecting with people and tremendous passion for sharing his wisdom and experiences, Chaim is excited for the next chapter with Aish.

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